1 & 1 Group Commercial Brand



The first grade products of the first grade materials

 Dashteh Murghab, a high-tech backyard, has always sought to develop the level of excellence and development of the country’s food industry as one of the founders and leaders of the modern food industry in Iran. One and one names in different countries such as America, England, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China, India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, CIS countries and many countries. Another name is familiar and welcome. Soon, we will see a widespread presence of this brand in Latin American and African countries as well. The central value of the Industrial Group 1 and 1 is to provide consumers with easy access to healthy and hygienic food through the production of first-rate grade materials.

  • Condiments


  • Beans and sugar and sugar

    Be and sugar

  • Paste


  • Edible oils

    Edible oils

  • Hot and cold sauces

    Hot and cold sauces

  • Shorabi and pickles

    Shorabi and pickles

  • Flavors and drinks

    Flavors and drinks

  • Honey and jam

    Honey and jam

  • Fast food

    Fast food

  • Canned food and compotes

    Canned food and compotes


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