Animal feed production

In the production of this feed, high quality raw materials and vitamins and minerals for livestock and micronutrients are used. Pellet feed due to all…

Feed for trout

 Golestan Company in the supply of aquatic food due to having a pellet pellet baking system as well as new technology, the extruder is able to provide two varied products with sizes …

Carp feed

Common carp feeds are made using high quality raw materials based on the latest information, all of which consist of carp, including nutrients and …

Birds food

Poultry feed: The production of this feed is made from high quality raw materials, vitamin and mineral supplements for poultry as well as other nutrients and nutrients for poultry …

Extruder feeder Ella

This feed is mixed with the best possible method using micronized grinding mills and is produced using the latest extruder technology, in addition to having the shape …

Shrimp feed

Production of shrimp feeds Other products Growth Treatment of feed Livestock Feed Pellets Feeding of carps Poultry feed Extruder feedsHealth feed Shrimp

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