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Caviar export specifications Agro

Product Name: Fresh Cucumber

Variety or species Available: greenhouse green cucumber (official cucumber), greenhouse cucumber

Customs Tariff Cucumber Code: 07070000


Exports of the best greenhouse cucumbers, greenhouse products in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman, include cucumber and cucumber.
Sourcing and packaging of Agro Cucumber, in Surting Hall of this complex, is done by skilled and trained workers in a fully sanitized environment.
The major markets for exporting varieties of Cucumber Agro, Southern Gulf, Russia and Iraq.

Name of the species Size packing the product Other Details

Official cucumbers

Barbed cucumber

14 to 18 centimeters

10 to 14 centimeters

8 kg plastic basket Greenhouses in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman There is also a possibility to pack on the order of the buyer and pallet.


Supply time (solar month) :

farvardin Maybe Khordad March August Shahrivar stamp Aban Azar January Avalanche March

Cucumber Agro Gallery:

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