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Producing and distributing spices for the production   and distribution of spices and the purchase and sale of spices in large quantities … For information on sales conditions and telephone numbers, please visit our website or website.

Shrub # Crushed in Arasbaran regions. Winter harvest season and seals

Production and distribution of all spices. 
#Price #Price_Price 

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Today’s spice production is 2 tons. Price 75000 Rials. 
All spices (spices, fish, pills, brooms and spices from 6 to 24 pips and …) are available in bulk and in bulk. 
First-rate and good-quality prices

Sale of all spices and herbs and items of candy in the first place. the freedom

My father will leave you 
happy day, 
so remember that you will always 
live in my heart

Production and distribution of all spices for all cities with high quality and high price. 
To get a list of prices to the site in the Bio or to the Directory, you can get a more refined price.

I’m packing a kilo of spices

Spices are one of the most essential ingredients in cooking. Each food is flavored with at least one or two spices. Now imagine if the food is odorless! Eating is really unthinkable.

Turmeric Turmeric # Turmeric

I’m Turmeric Shop. Workers are sweeping #Turquoise Sorti and Coarse. 
Turmeric #

Gingerbread workshop in summer. Hand drying, which takes about a week to dry and garnish. 
# Ginger

Apples vinegar phenomenon 
3400 Tomans

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