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Pistachio Shopper License

Trade ID: 0441029756


New services

  • Setting up an online store
  • Exports of pistachios to Russia, Asia, Europe, Arab countries and the Persian Gulf
  • Delivery and sale of pistachios from the warehouses of Europe, Russia and China
  • Selling and supplying pistachios in your country at your own expense (sending via freight, mail, bus)
  • Pistachio seed sales for planting with the approval of Pistachio Research Institute



What does pistachios mean?

The pistachio nuts, expressed numerically, show the number of 5 packs in 142 grams of pistachios. For this purpose weigh 142 grams of pistachios and count them and divide them by 5. The resulting number shows pistachios. The pistachios’ anise indicates less coarseness of the pistachio seeds and therefore more expensive.

Ounce Between 20 and 22: Very Coarse – Includes Akbari and ram

Ounce Between 22-24: Coarse – Includes Akbari and ram

Ounce Between 24-26: Medium – Includes all kinds of Ahmad Aghaei

Ounce Between 26-28: Thin – Includes all kinds of hazelnuts and hazelnuts

Ounce higher than 28: Very fine – includes all kinds of hazelnuts and hazelnuts

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