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Trading With European Union

European union is made of 28 members which primarily are located in Europe. It has an estimated population of over 500 million. The EU has a market with a single standards & systems of laws that apply to all member states. EU policies are based on making sure it’s citizens can have freedom of movements, able to trade goods & provide services to each other. EU has already achieved so many goals that we all as societies,  like to achieve including unrestricted travel for all it’s citizens, a common currency of Euro for most members & many other support services throughout the union.

in 2017,EU Generated a GDP of near a 20 trillion dollars in $US( roughly 25% of the globe). EU has a population of over 500 million people. EU is also the member of UN, WTO,  & some members have also are a member of the of G20, G7 & other global institutions. The European Union provides a good percentage of the the foreign aids towards UN development programs & other international organizations. As a company not only do we respect & admire EU’s achievements & unification, but we hope some day others & us can share or achieve similar objectives with our neighbours too. We also would like to add that we wish the same ideals & unions for all the rest & this wish goes to the Americas, Russia & it’s neighbours, &  Asia as well. We certainly believe trading not just as a way to interact financially & culturally with others but the best way to reach out to others & strengthening the friendship.

Iran is an ancient country & has contributed so much to the rest of the civilisations in the past, & has received so much from the rest as well. At this juncture, things are moving in a promising direction with EU & we hope our company can proceed to have a stronger  interactions with EU in the future. We as a company are especially interested in trading with any company within EU that agrees to the basic principles of fair, mutual & just trading interactions( )

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