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The import of food & beverage by other countries from Iran has risen quite significantly in recent months given the fact that Iran’s Toman value also has dropped quite a bit against other foreign currencies.

The Iranian food trade market is one of the most important ones in the entire Middle East. According to WTO-World Trade Organization, Iran enjoys unique advantages when it comes to production of raw food materials and their processing including, the availability of over 51 million hectares of agricultural land and the fact that the country enjoys four-season climate. Almost all raw materials for food processing industries are domestically produced in Iran.

Iran is situated on the five main transit corridors and international transportation routes. On top of that, some of Iran’s neighboring countries are major food importers which gives us an edge & advantages in supplying them . The local processing industries are capable of handling more than 150 million tons of raw materials and meeting all domestic needs and exports to foreign markets.

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