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Phase 2 of Talia’s food industry was opened

Briefly about Talia’s Food Industry

Thalia food industry has started its activities in the city of Urmia in West Azarbaijan since 1999 and has chosen its quality and customer orientation as its permanent motto. This has led to recognition of Taliya products in different parts of the country.
The fruit of many years is endless effort and effort, high production volume, product diversity, high job creation, desirable quality and mass exportation to various countries, and today it is considered one of the pioneers of food industry in the province.
Variety of products of this unit with the brand Taliya and Aysil include three groups of cakes, muffins, and wafer. With the help of more and more specialists and modern technology, it is hoped that, as soon as possible, developing countries with the optimal quality of the world will take effective steps to protect consumers’ rights and meet their demands.

Talia products

Chocolate wafer

Family Wafers

Date cookie

Creamy bran Biscuits

 cream Biscuits

Salty Pretzel Sticks

Super Metallized Muffins

Hearty Cacao Cake

Super Entertainment  wafers

Hearty Fruit Cake

Caramel Wafer

Entertainment Wafers


Asil products

List of  Asil products

Catering Wafer

Cacao Cream Wafers

Family Fruit Wafers

Traditional Koloocheh (Muffins)

Super Metalized Cookies

Creamy Koloocheh (Muffin) With Chocolate cover

Classic Koloocheh (Muffins)

Sweet Cookies with Walnuts and Raisin nuts

Sesame cake

Cocoa Twin Colored Cakes

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