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Welcome to Arkeast Trading;

If you are making purchases directly from us or through Arkeast & you want us to do all the shipping for you, not a problem at all, we would be more than happy to do that for you. What we will do…is first to figure the size, weight & type(fragile, etc…) of your shipment, then we use either one of the online calculator made available to us by any of the above post offices, or make a phone call & find it directly from the post office, and after that the post office makes an arrangement to pick up the shipment. Note that the posting system here is exceptionally reputable, accurate & tidy & most of all responsible, transparent, & very cost effective. If you like, please take a look at the bilingual posting websites above & check out the posting price, etc… Your shipment is retractable from the source to the destination. Thank You for choosing Arkeast Trading Group,


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