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At present, about 60,000 industrial and guilds are engaged in the production and supply of various types of furniture in the country. Overall, it can be said that eight percent of the country’s employment is related to this sector. The national furniture market value is estimated at $ 12 billion a year, and its current production capacity is estimated at more than $ 15 billion a year

Exports of furniture are among

the goods exported by the producer country to other countries of the world. Production and exports in this industry can help to develop non-oil exports.



Export of furniture from Iran

Countries of Iraq, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, as well as the Gulf and European countries are the target countries of export, respectively. 

When large-scale import of furniture was banned, foreign producers tended to find a joint venture to produce furniture in the country, and this is a very good opportunity for the Iranian furniture industry to make progress in this field. Currently, several companies from Turkey have joint furniture production with Iran, as well as furniture manufacturers in Iran with the aim of exporting to the Middle East markets with Italian and Spanish office furniture manufacturers.

The Middle East and Russia are among the biggest consumers of furniture. Despite the concessions in the furniture industry in Iran, large furniture manufacturers from other countries are negotiating for investment in Iran and joint activities in the area of ​​furniture production. Iran has 3 main advantages for the investors to consider; 1st is the high local consumers because many Iranians traditionally used carpets & Poshties for their inside furnishings & nowadays they all seem to be turning into using Couches & sofas as well & as a result there is a huge local market & the 2nd reason is Iran has a relatively cheap labour, & the third is a combination of highly educated & technically inclined workforce plus to add to that is the special talents & traditions that many Iranians have to any thing that has to do with the arts or art forms(from Cinemas to poetry to paintings…tapestry, interior decorations…& artistic designs in general)…& you can almost find a painter in any Iranian family & ofcourse tapestry & knitting, etc….almost in any family in the rural areas. So there is a great appetite for all Iranians to do a relatively nicer & more competitive design than many other places. The confectionary industry is not an exception either even though this industry is relatively new, but you can find thousands of different styles & products these days with very high quality & a wide range.

Iran’s furniture exporters are planning a 5-year plan to expand the industry, and has established 11 Iranian furniture stores in export destinations such as Russia, Ukraine, neighboring countries and CIS countries to develop this industry. The furniture industry in the country has good advantages. With the precise planning of the manufacturers and exporters of this industry; there are some exports to EU, but negotiations are underway to export Iranian furniture to the markets of the European Union as well.


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