Iran & Afghanistan

Iran & Afghanistan

Obviously Iran & afghanistan for speaking the same language & being part of the same history throughout most of past times have too many common things to share. There have been very many Afghani people living in Iran for the last few decades & some of them move back & forth or visit their country & family regularly. As a single company trying to stick by our fair trading principles, When it comes to Afghanistan, we would definitely like to put emphasis & give priority on importing goods from them; this specially can be practical about agricultural goods since afghanistan has a considerable large & fertile land relative to the population.
To give an example, let’s say our company needs to import grains from somewhere & Afghanistan can also provide us grains…in cases like these we definitely will give our Afghan trading partners the advantage over the others; This will partially be due to the fact that Afghanistan has been through a long ravaging civil war for the last few decades which has cost them simply too much & should be given the priority by anyone not just us & also partially be to the fact we are an exporting country to Afghanistan, therefore we will make our best effort too to import from Afghanistan as well.
Certainly a prosper & developed Afghanistan next to Iran is what we hope for & in order to reach that level together we need to trades with each other as much as we can.

The Iranian cultural goods, especially the books, are one of the areas that are highly sought after by Afghan citizens. Most books in Afghanistan have been published in Iran due to sharing same language and fewer in Pakistan. In Afghanistan, although there are about 100 publications & Iran on the other hand has over Iran publishers;  Afghans therefore due to the lack of structural issues & hi cost, for not having enough publications rely on their Iranian counterparts for most of their books requirements. Many Iran’s print books goes to large cities of Afghanistan such as kabul , Herat,  and Mazar-e-sharif, and if someone from other cities and villages decides to purchase a book, he has to travel all the way to the main cities to buy these books.

The sale of Iranian movies and series (popular in Afghanistan), music albums, Android software and more is one aspect of this market. 

As a country Iran has given a lot of attention & priority to Afghanistan & has contributed towards by building numerous projects such as

roads & other infrastructures & the goint chabahar port which would benefit Afghanistan quite a bit & we need to do a lot more in the future.
As a trading company we are looking for reliable Afghan Trading partners so we can work on our bilateral exchanges including import/ export requirements.

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