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According to the executive record of the company’s directors in the field of production, today, the process of manufacturing leather goods in the city with the use of the best materials, the skill of the best leather industry professors and the combination of the best and most up-to-date designs has been abducted by competitors, and as the first The manufacturer of leather sets, a wide range of natural and synthetic leather products, from luggage and travel trolls to women’s make-up to suit the needs of customers with personal or administrative use, as well as the simultaneous offering of the latest designs at the central store of the City Leather Company Has become one of the pioneers of this industry, opening stores Rzh directly in Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz and Mashhad was another step in leather for faster and more accurate response to customer demand picked up,
Mohsen Homayouni

our customers

The following is a list of the products and services that are provided by the services and services of this collection, as follows: any company that has not been named in the following terms will be apologized.
    • Institutions and Ministries

Leadership Authority in Universities, Presidential Office and Study Center and Ministry of Economy and Finance, Mining and Mines, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Oil and Gas

    • Organizations

Organization of Development and Renovation, Privatization Organization, Organization of Welfare, Blood Transfusion Organization, Education, Tehran Municipality, Iran Trade Organization, Water and Waste Water Company, Tavanir, Homa Aircraft Organization, Voice and Television Organization (Network 3 & 5)

    • Banks and insurance

National Bank of Iran and the Governor of the Provinces, the Export Development Bank, the Bank of Rafah and Shab province, the Bank of Industry and Mine, Mellat Bank, Mellat Bank, Provincial Supervision, Bank of Commerce and Mehr Mehr, Central Insurance, Asia Insurance, Iran Insurance, and Representatives of Tehran and the Capital, Insurance Alborz Tehran and cities, Entrepreneur Insurance, Dana Insurance and —

    • Petroleum and petrochemicals

Iran Oil Company, Pasargad Oil, Iranian Oil Products, Arak Petrochemical, Fajr Petrochemical, Abadan Petrochemical, Pars Oil and —

    • Automotive

Iran Khodro, Pars Khodro, Autodvizel, Bahman Group, SAIPA, Iran Khodro Rail Industries, Ranairan (Volvo), Zamyad, Hepkovo —

    • Army

Air Force (Shahid Sattari University) Defense Industries, Sepah Faculty, Maham Ammunition Industries, Aerospace Industries, Army Telecommunication Group and —

    • Foundations

Housing Foundation, Basij Awk Insurance, Foundation of Veterans and Veterans, Foundation of May 15, Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and —

    • Center for Scientific and Medical Conferences and Conferences

Arak University of Technology, Tehran University, Islamic Azad University, International Conference on Metallurgy (Kerman), International Conference on Electricity (Tehran), Tehran University, Tehran, Iran. , International Conference on Cardiovascular Medicine, Women’s Health Conference (Tehran), Conference on Productivity and Quality, Ophthalmology Conference and —-


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