In Search Of Trading Partners in China

The word China in persian چین is pronounced”  “cheen”  and the language is called  cheeni . The word Cheen has been used by persian poets{1} and writers Numerous times in their books & poems. China &Iran’s relationship goes back over 2 millenniums as far as written history suggests perhaps even way further… Just like the weight of poetry in Persian literature,  poetry  has always been the core metaphor of chines literature too. To us Iraniansو  China is not just a country where poetry has been strong through history, but more a place where philosophy, wisdom & thoughtfulness has is some of the core beliefs of life. Iran Due to it’s geographical & perhaps geopolitical standings & being at the heart of the East & the West, has always played an important role along the silk road. After the the start of Islam, & Iran becoming a Muslim country, the commercial relationship between china & Iran grew in a much faster rate & from this era on the chines culture & civilization has been reflected a lot more in Persian literature.


Today china is Iran’s biggest trading partner & we are looking forward for a much better & stronger commercial, cultural & bilateral relationship. we are looking into findinding some genuine trading partners that can both rely on each other based on our mutual interests.

Recently china started “one Belt One Road” initiative & with that all the countries along the Silk Road, are going to play their important roles & Iran at the heart of this Golden belt, definitely will have to play a very important role as well. Sitting to the north of Persian Gulf & to the south of The Caspian Sea, being in the middle of the East & the West, having the 2nd largest gas & 3rd biggest oil resources in the world,  having an undeniable politico-cultural influence in the region, & a very relatively young & highly educated work force, Iran can definitely be a busy hub & a good partner to the rest & it’s  importance for the region & beyond clearly  is one that can not be missed out.

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