Our Turkish Trading partners

There is so much common things between the Turkish & Iranian Culture that a lot of us in Iran feel like Turkey is our other half home.

The number of people speaking Azeri (a local Turkish dialect in Iran) are very many. The Persian literature is full of the Turkish influence & share of the culture thru out our history. Turks in Great Persian poet Ferdousi is depicted as turani’s & the tale in his epic refers to ّking Faridoun that had 3 sons by name of Tour or tur, Salm, & Iraj.  Tur(Turani)  took the kingdom of Turan(somewher in north or north west of today Iran, , Iraj took Iran as his kingdom & the third brother Salm was given the Rûm(somewher in Turkey today) by the Black Sea perhaps refering to pre-Byzantine Roman empire.. where Romans had their Kingdom ship. In Ferdousi’s book” Shahnaameh or The book of Kings” no culture’s might & height is as important to the Persians other than that of Turkish; Of course Ferdousi being a Persian poet puts more weighs & gravity on Iraj whom has the role of King Of The Kings, but he is fair to point out ” The good, The bad & the ugly” of all the kings in all three cultures.

With keeping all the above in mind, no wonder many Iranians have at least once visited the country of Turkey & the love of Turkish culture, food, & basically  everything has never been as strong as today.

When it comes to Turkey & with so much commonality & strong bonds between the two nations, trade has always been strong regardless of any political or other circumstancial  slowdowns.

Our ArkEast trading group would definitely be looking for trading partners in Turkey where we can have a mutual business & trading partnerships.


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