Mutual & Just Trading


Traditionally, Trading has not just about acquiring prosperity & providing ones needs … but it has also been about exchanging cultural values & sharing ideas with others. To trade is to make friendships & ultimately to trade is to live in harmony, prosperity & peace.

We are hopeful & firmly believe in finding trading partners at the other side of the isle where we can share our common interests with & work towards achieving our common goals. Our quest is to create a network of trading partnerships & producers that can be  based on Mutual,  Just & Fair Trading practices. If you are in trades & find interests in this concept  , you are most welcome to join us.

At the ArkEast, Not only we do like to follow the 10 principals of the fair trading(to see these principals, please view this [1]  link) but we also would like to stress the point that we are interested in a Fair , Mutual & Just Trading practices.



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