Agriculture & Food

Iran is ranked first to seventh in the world on the production of some important agricultural products. In last year’s statistics, Iran was ranked first in the world in producing saffron, pistachio, caviar, , pomegranate, and black currant. Iran ranked 2nd in the production of dates, apricot & 3rd in terms of producing watermelon, cherry, Canteloup (talebi), apple, walnut and cucumber. In FAO’s 2016 ranking, Iran ranked eighth as the world’s largest producer of some top agricultural products, reflecting the potential role of our producers in agriculture.
The production of agricultural products in Iran has many advantages that have a lot of fans in the world. The advantage of having four seasons, an abundance of sunlight and 11 climates from 13 world climates, gives us a high potential in terms of the taste and quality of our products. The depreciation in the value of the Iranian currency in recent months against the other foreign currencies , has increased the import from Iran & the export of many locally made agricultural products have risen sharply.

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