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Iran is making gold and jewelry among the first five countries in the world / Serious weakness of Iran in the field of exports
An expert on gold and jewelry said: “Iran has a desirable position in making gold and jewelry in the world, one of the first two countries in the world to manufacture gold and jewelry, but we are seriously in the field of exporting jewelry and mass production.”

Iran is one of the first five countries in the world to make gold and jewelry / Iran’s serious weakness in the field of exports
Hossein Ali Malekan, an expert on gold and jewelry, at the Specialized Forum on Decorating the International Conference on Designing and Manufacturing of Apparel and Textiles, which launches the Weekly Innovation in Fashion and Apparel for Sustainable Development, at Alzahra University, the Women’s and Youth Affairs Department of Fars News Agency reported . He added that Iran has been taking steps in the development and prosperity of the gold and jewelry industry in the world by holding an annual National Gold and Jewish Olympiad.

Malekan continued, Iran ranked fifth in the World Gold and Welding Olympiad in 2011, ranked fifth in the Canadian National Olympiad in 2009, the second highest in the 2013 Olympic medal in Germany, and the silver medal in Brazil in 2013, in honor of the fifth rank in Brazil. And now it is among the top five countries in the world of gold and jewelry.

He added that in the world every two years, the Gold and Jewelry Olympiad will be held, but in Iran, the National Olympiad will be held at three levels of the city, provincial and national levels each year: the age of participants is under 22, and the electives of the first level in the specialist camp of gold and Jewelery companies take part in the graduation camp after passing the course exam and eventually the top players are selected to take part in the World Championships. This process takes four years to complete the country’s top players at the Gold Olympics and Jewelry World Championships They do.

This expert and designer of domestic and foreign projects for gold and jewelry contests has stated: In fashion and clothing festivals, how many years has been spent on jewelry as a complement to clothing, so the attention to the jewelry industry It is important in the domestic market, given the needs of women.

Malekan stated: “We are in a desirable world in the field of gold and jewelry making, but we are seriously in the field of exporting jewelry and mass production.”

The president of the Tehran Institute of Manufacturers Association said: “Turkey bought 10 percent of Iran’s second-hand gold and jewelry 10 years ago, and after exporting and repatriating it to various countries, Turkey is currently targeting one of the exporters Gold and jewelry is in the world, while our country can increase its share of exports of gold and jewelry by investing gold and jewelry, by planning and managing our education, making gold and jewelry we can, like Turkey, neighboring countries. In the field of mass production and export of gold and jewelry to different countries, we have a global contribution.

“It seems that with the rise of the dollar, imports of foreign goods, especially gold and jewelry to the country, are no longer affordable for foreign gold and jewelry traders to continue to import gold and jewelry,” he said.

He said that the holding of domestic and foreign Olympiads could help to boost the gold and jewelry industry, saying that all young people who participate in domestic and foreign gold and jewelry collections are self-confident and are motivated to Establishing factories and workshops of gold and jewelry, and this leads to employment and entrepreneurship in the field of gold and jewelry industry in the country. Therefore, the holding of domestic Olympus jewelry and manufacture is very important.

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