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Choopan Dairy Brand

CHOOPAN found 1998; Using no additives, no preservatives in their products & buys from farmers that use no hormones & holds a Guinness record on largest ice cream in the world.


Pak Dairy Brand

Pak Dairy Brand was found in 2010; produces a variety of dairy products including Milk, Cream, Cheese, Dough, Yogurt, Butter, Milk Powder, etc…









Iran is one of the top milk producers and has ambitious plans to grab a bigger share of the global milk and dairy market. In an interview with Financial Tribune, Deputy Agriculture Minister estimated that Iran’s dairy exports will hit a record high of $1 billion by the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2018). Iran exports 20 types of processed dairy products to 30 countries. Europe, Central Asia, Persian Gulf region, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Russia are among its export destinations.Iran exported 850,000 tons of dairy products in the last fiscal year (March 2016-17). Exports of milk and related dairy products are projected to reach 1 million tons this year. Latest statistics show Iran exported 500,000 tons of dairy products during the five months  up till Aug. 22. Figures on milk powder exports during the five months to August 22 show the country had a monthly export average of 100,000 tons. Exported products included yogurt that topped the list with, followed by cheese, milk powder and cream and ice cream. These exports rose to 923,000 tons in comparing to the corresponding period of last year, the report shows. Last year’s milk production at 9.6 million tons,  predicting the figure is expected to reach 10 million tons in the current year (March 2017-18). There are very many Dairy By products & followings are some of these products that is produced:


Product grouping
dairy products
All Types of pasteurized milk
All Types of sterilized milk
All Types of Cream
All Types of Yogurt
All Butter Types
All Types of Cheese
All Types of Dough( white Dairy Drink)
All Types of Desserts
Ice cream products



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