Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea(black or green),using a symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast, lightly effervescent,& sweetened. The culture produced in this type of process is meant to create living bacteria and is considered to have probiotic effects, and that is one reason behind the popularity of this tea.
The exact origin of Kombucha tea is not known; it is thought to be in northeastern part of China & traditionally consumed there but also was used in Russia and eastern Europe, Kombucha is now home brewed in US and is produced by many companies through out the world. Kombucha has been considered to be beneficial to the heart for some time, and there has been various health claims in supporting of Kombucha, like curing of the cancer, diabetes, anorexia,aging, arthritis, atherosclerosis,  and many others, however the research in this regard hasn’t been complete yet. They are believed to stimulate the immune system and helpful in digesting food. Followings are some facts about the Kombucha tea;
Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years.
It is rich in beneficial probiotics.
Contains antioxidants & similar qualities of that of green tea. since Kombucha drink can also be made at home, One thing of importance that is agreed upon by many kombucha drinkers, is how proper can it be made which could be of more benefits to the health and this is where the Company” Borna Kombucha” has made a lot of progress by doing a lot of research & has produced some amazing results. The above was about the history of the Kombucha in general, however a few of the young talented entrepreneurs from the city of Shiraz/ Iran have done a lot of research on combining the organic herbs with green tea leaves brewery by applying the knowledge from the Ancient Medicine Men & currently called Attaries & came up with the drinks called Borna Kombucha; these come with several tastes & flavors that also remedies some of the main health issues such as fat liver, blood pressure, etc…& remember these herbs have cured many of us for the past times anyways and all these guys have done to use their talents & innovation to come up with these great & natural tasting drinks that most of all taste great & certainly worth trying with nothing to lose. This innovation has been approved & given the permit by Local food & Drug Administration, have already been to many local & international exhibitions & sold many of these products locally & internationally & they carry all the required documents & Certificates for exports & so on…

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