Shiraz Rose

Shiraz Herbal Liquors

The city of Shiraz in the province of Fars/Iran, has an abundance of sunshine with a very diverse climate sometimes within reach((( of less than half hour or so) , no wonder once the capital of 2 persian dynasties(achaemenian & sassanids)  & the largest agricultural Plateaus of(Beyza ve marvdasht),  was thought to produce more than 100 different types of grapes))). Today Shiraz grapes are produced vastly throughout the world including Australia, Southeast France, US( California),  Chile & elsewhere… whatever the  reason behind it…perhaps the right amount of sun+ the right soil mixture of the land, the fruits & grapes taste amazing(truly like nowhere else)) and you can almost grow every thing in this province . Herbs though are mostly grown in the mountains organically & Throughout Iran & the neighboring countries, shiraz herbs & their extracts ((called araghigat Shiraz or shiraz nonalcoholic liquors ), are very popular( for the qualities specially medicinal one they poses)).  These herbs & their liquor nowadays are still used by very many people as number one drinks & remedies for  treatment & cures or even balancing the diets or normalizing  the body temperatures, etc…. The Rose Flower Locally Called “GolMohammadi” & it’s Extract is also called “Golaab” are extremely popular & these days a good percentage of Rosewater extracts is exported to places like Mecca, Karbala, Najaf, Or ImamReza to give the  shrines a lasting prophetic scent. The public knowledge of traditional & herbal medicine in this city is extraordinarily high & after a millennia of (Avecina’s prescriptions & Hasan Sabbah’s Alamoot reigon (some consider it a medicinal revolution), their legacy is still present in today’s Shirazi homes. These days you can find Attaries( Herbal house with herbal medicine men), & Araghijat(herbal Liquor & extracts)  & of course worldly famous torshijat or pickles in every community.  Shiraz by the way has some of the best & most professional physicians,  surgeons, &  hospitals in the region & has very many visitors from the persian gulf countries as well as Europe, turkey, Pakistan, Armenia,  and others… for treatments of sorts & even plastic or other type of surgeries they require.

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