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  1.  Shadab Mehrdoost 
    Shadab Mehrdoost is the first and only manufacturer of cakes and cookies in Golestan province. Since 2002, it has been operating and producing various types of cakes and muffins in different flavors and packaging.  
Juicy Mahdist
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Orumieh flower on the 5th of August in West Azerbaijan province, Urmia, started its activity on a 25,000-square-meter plot of land, including a production hall, a warehouse of raw materials, a warehouse, a dough and a laboratory. The goal of the company was to produce all types of sponge and oily cakes in a variety of flavors and packaging for consumption in the market and export. In this way, with capital  
Thirty flowers
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 Nam Nik (Ashena)) 
Nam Nik Corporation Established long ago and lots of experience & with the most advanced world-class cake and cookie machines. It offers you  tasty & delightful products &  uses the finest raw materials of the highest quality in a perfectly healthy conditions and with fully automated machines. The variety of the production gives our customers a choice to   choose according to their taste & prefe &   
Nickname (familiar)
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 Ciana Food Industry (Liliput) 
In 1976, the CIANA Food Industry Company was established in Kaveh Industrial City, located in Saveh. The company has a land area of ​​30 thousand square meters and an infrastructure of about 33 thousand square meters. The products of Siana Company originally included various types of cakes that gradually began to diversify their products from the year 1369 and their creativity brought them to be a leader in Iran’s food industry with high quality products.  
Siena Food Industry (Lei Pout)
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 Isfahan Shirinak  
Industrial Co., with its history of nearly half a century, has succeeded in producing biscuits with a good quality of biscuit production and the use of modern industrial machines. The company has a health certificate from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as well as Iran’s national standard for product quality and certification  
Isfahan Shirin
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Moghadas food industry  
this unit has started its activity in 2001 with obtaining the necessary permissions from the Food and Drug Administration as well as the standard cake and cookie. By 2004, this industrial unit has been exporting to Afghanistan and Central Asia, which is still ongoing, since 2007, it has been producing high quality donuts.  
Sacred food industry
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( Kavir Yazd Halva (Farjami) 
Kavir Yazd Khavar Halva Company started its business in 1374 and has always been thinking of improving the quality of its products. The founder of the Kavi Yazd Halva Company, Mr. Mohammad Hussein Abbasi, who acted during the establishment of the company in the period from 1971 to 2016, has always been the backbone & the head of the the company   
Kavirizade Halva (Final)
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 Maks Food Industry  
Maks Food industry has grown from a small unit into a major industrial group in the country’s food industry over the past ten years. This growth is due to the support and the trust of the consumers of the cherished brand, and as a result our firm’s belief in the production of healthy and quality products, respect for the taste and the rights of our cherished   consumers, has always been the main reason behind it  
Food Industry Pause
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( Govara (Khadivpur) 
Govara Company started its activities in 1358 near the Imam Ali ibn Musa Ibn Al-Reza (PBUH), and now, after more than 31 years of continuous operation, has managed to develop a small and qualitative range of its products and products. Effective in promoting healthy nutrition and community health. Now it is equipped with 4 production lines of all  automated units  
Guarra (Khadiopur)
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 Shirin Vatan 
health and well-being of humans in any society is primarily dependent on the food products of that community. In this regard, Shirin Vatan Food Industry has taken steady steps to produce healthy products that are in line with world-class technologies. This company manufactures biscuits, flour, confectionery and puffy branded brand (tone) in an area of ​​9 hectares And  
Sweet country
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