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Trading With India

The Indo-Iranian history is perhaps one of the old human stories. Iran & India share  too many cultural,  linguistic & other commonalities.  Persian language has been spoken in many parts of India for centuries; , India’s First prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru once visiting Iran describes this relationship as this:

“Few people have been more closely related in origin and throughout history than the people of India and the people of Iran “

in 2016, India, Iran and Afghanistan’s leaders met in Tehran & signed a Trilateral Transit Agreement (TTA) that would link the Chabahar port to Afghanistan, & Central Asia which ultimately could join to most parts of Europe, Russia through the silk Road, Caspian Sea. This deal would ultimately benefit so many parties along the line including china, Japan & Russia. Since both China & India happen to have the 1st & 2nd largest population in the world, and both economies are growing in a  very fast rate, Iran will have to be involved greatly  including providing the logistics & would become perhaps the biggest hub of transit & crossroad in the Silk Road Trades & China’s “One Belt One Road” project.This project would greatly reduce the costs of transportation for India & beyond. There is however another major project  called (International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) ) proposed by India, that would develop a network of ship, rail, and routes for moving goods over several thousand km from  western ports  of India  to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas and via Iran to the Caspian sea at port Bandar Anzali, then up to the Russian port of Astrakhan and on to markets in Russia, Europe and Central Asia. The INSTC is expected to greatly reduce costs compared to the current shipping route which runs through the Suez Canal, the Strait of Gibraltar and around the top of northern Europe.

We are definitely interested in finding trading partners in India where we can have a strong bilateral & mutual partnerships.


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