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Many civilisations, so many cultures have sprung & disappeared through out the history in this region. The people living in the Lands of Iraq & Iran, have contributed so much to the humanity. There has been ups & downs to both countries & peoples along the way as well. Our region has been the birth place of the main monolithic religions & faiths. For many different reasons( both external & internal) we both have not had a steady & stable progress in that past decades or centuries. Today however, Iran & Iraq finally have governments in place that at the least are representatives of their majority religions but that is by no means enough to claim that we are a fully democratic Systems. Obviously democracy does not come in overnight or can’t be imported either as we all experienced this last decade, but it has to be achieved & worked thru a process which it is civil & does not disturb the ongoing stability. Iran & Iraq both have suffered too much & as a result our decades of energy & money has been spent on fighting wars that has not been the wishes of any of our people. If we  both, were to spend all that money on our infrastructures, today Iraq & Iran were in a completely different level of cultural, social & economical prosperity. Not only so many specially young soldiers have lost their lives on both sides fighting those wars & lately  terrorists but we are still losing many people on the roads & due to the accidents that are direct outcomes of the lack of proper infrastructures due to those wars. Never mind about the embargos & sanctions…. Some might claim that some of these issues are due to the lack of qualified manpower, authorities, etc….but then again you can think.. how are theses manpower supposed to be brought up all qualified while they have spent a good portion of their good lives in wars & fightings. The reality is this condition we live in today is the direct outcome of what we had cultivated or being brought up on us yesterday .


We hope people of our countries will be travelling without any restrictions to our neighbouring countries & visa versa, we will be teaching & speaking multiple languages in our institutions,  like Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Kurdish, Baluchi, etc…and this could be done in a way that for example the neighbouring provinces in the borders can easily communicate & trade with their friends, relatives & neighbors across which ultimately can bring prosperity to the people of both countries & the region.  Hopefully We will have a common currency some day, like Euro where people can buy things from any neighbouring country of choice & we all will respect all the faiths & religions & cultures throughout the region &  the wars will be some thing of the past times & we will meet the outsiders to our regions as visitor, guests & tourists rather than invaders.

We hope that in the future, the theologians, intellectual, educated elites, elders, the wise men & women of our countries & cultures will promote peace, equality, brotherhood, comradery & will denounce any discriminations that is oriented towards any faith especially monolithic ones, towards any language & or cultures (without any exceptions & phobias) & hope fully we will ask & enforce our governments to legislate all these universally acceptable & humane rules in the future.

As far as the relationship between Iran & Iraq,  both countries are major shiite countries that share many common things such as  shrines for the pilgrims of each side to visit  several times in a year. Both countries share many borders & culturally very many things to share, many families live on the both sides of the borders …no doubt both peoples need easier access to either side & faster and easier transportation of goods & services. Obviously with this amount of transport & people in need of moving back & forth between the two countries specially the pilgrims, we need security in both sides…not just Iraq & Iran but Iran & Turkey, & all the neighbouring countries  for that matter. We as a trading company wish to work with our Iraqi counterparts who like any other trading partners believe in Mutual, Fair & Just trading.



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