Free Trade between the United States & Iran

Although the relationship between the United States Of America & Iran has been deteriorated since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, but the business between the two nations have never stopped & instead American goods have been sold to Iran through the neighboring countries like UAE, Iraq & others. Iranian goods & products also have been  primarily exported to the American Iranian consumers across the United States but many Americans also like Iranian goods & products such as Carpets, Pistachios, Caviar, etc….& many American citizens favor Iranian food & kebabs throughout their country. While the United States has contributed so much to the growth of  science & economies of the world, the Iranian expatriates in the US have also contributed to those cause extensively as well.   Iranian people have always had a warm & friendly feeling towards the Americans; arguably much better than a lot of others in the region, but politics has never been fair to both people, specially the politics on United States side, given the fact that Iranians had a unanimous revolution against the Shah’s Authoritarian Governance followed by a majority of votes(98%) favoring the creation of Islamic Republic & it’s Constitution & Americans have always claimed that they support republics & democracies over dictatorships & Authoritarianism. Some may disagree about the 98% above, but no one should  have a doubt that Ayatollah Khomeini at that time had the charisma & will and the backing of the majority of the Iranians even most of the leftist parties like Tudeh party & liberals like Nehzat Azadi & would have won the constitutional votes by a majority in any case. Leaving the extremist elements on both countries out, perhaps there are many on each side who would argue that the Iran-US relationship took a wrong turn due to wrong decisions being made on both sides, but there are many believers too that think this turn was strategic & inevitable. One thing that should be the focus of specially American politicians, is to see the causes & reasons why Iranians & specially their politicians have had such an unfavorable gesture towards the United States & unless the US leaders sincerely denounce the wrongdoings of their predecessors, especially  their wrongful acts against the democratically elected government of Mossadegh, & other interference & demonizing the Islamic Republic (while this republic was established by a majority of its people) right from the start , there won’t be much prospect for advancement in the friendship of both countries. Obviously it is not going to be easy for the Americans to engineer a right policy to at least make a mutual gesture towards warming up with Iran in the international scene, given the fact that US has many other rivals & has engaged in many other countries affairs these days which complicate the overall picture even further. The US for being the super power it is has many adversaries & enemies right or wrong & at this juncture forward will have to make ways for others like Iran to fill the vacuums that exist. There shouldn’t  be any doubt that Iran is a much stronger country now a days in many ways & definitely socially and politically has changed much  since the days after the  revolution of 1979 & realistically it’s people only dislike the government for reasons like the economic mismanagement, & mismanagement in general but they are also aware of the facts that some portion of these economic problems are being brought up on them by American sanctions & embargoes. It is easily understood by Iranians that While American politician claim that Iran is under sanctions due to missile or nuclear issues, the American cars & other commodities have never been stopped to selling to the Iranian markets especially throughout the free zone cities like Kish, Qeshm, Anzali & many more… all along.  In reality most Iranians know that Americans have always been after the containment of Iran, and the nuclear & missile issues have only been excuses not to let outside investors to Invest in the country & it does not take a genius to figure this out while you can see how US has always stayed close & friendly with some of the neighbors who are governed by undemocratic & un-elected autocrats due to merely so called strict national interests in between the two.

Too many occasional tactics, & national interest claims for a country that likes to be the leader of the “civilized world” but not many right strategies perhaps! might have been some of the reasons for all these mishaps, perhaps would have put US in the right spot on the Geo strategic compass if you will of where it could deserve to sit at…and the question still remains: Do Iranian people really deserve to be isolated & sanctioned for nearly 40 years  for admiring or trying to stay politically independent from the sphere of the interference of the others or should there have been a more realistic policy put in place to favor both countries?! There still might be a slight glimpse of hope if realism is given a chance by American Policy makers, and if that happens, there is hope that global ordinance can take an orientation towards a more global fairness & equilibrium & that could perhaps benefit us all as citizens of this sphere. It should also be mentioned that It took Iran 40 years to come to the negotiating table with the Americans on an important issue & the United States unilaterally withdrew from that deal defaulting Iranian opinions back to the old belief that America  proved once again that can not be trusted. This time around the ball is in the American’s court…in trying to figure out the next right step on coming back to that table & delivering it’s promises of lifting related sanctions given the mistrust that already is being created & the fact that Iran’s population is never going to favor any dramatic change of the establishment while there is elections of all sorts in place & the overall structure is reasonably strong & firm & the country is destined for progress in many fronts. Iran is a very important country in the region & one that American politicians should recognize it’s current legitimacy & the sooner this is done the better it will be! Ultimately, wisdom has & will have to prevail in bringing harmony & pragmatism to both countries & all the others for that matter & in hoping to reach that point, let us cross our fingers so we all can think back to the ancient times & at some points…  to the American/Western philosophy & Doctrine of”Free Trade”  & really peoples of any country should have the full freedom in trading freely across the globe without any pre or post conditions, fears, stigmas & ifs attached to it. No doubt we can all benefit if these sort of conditions prevail & global arrangements of power & hierarchy in that kind of environment definitely could be respected a lot more by all. The empty bluffs & bullying may scare the kindergarten &1st graders but let’s not kid ourselves & be more genuine & serious when it comes to making strategic decisions & stop flip flopping the policies by day because  they may get us nowhere & even create more mistrust among us all. Ultimately what counts is the public opinions & people’s mindset & Iranians to that extent in general stick to the truth no matter if that truth costs them much or not & that has valued itself highly in the eyes of global conscientious opinions not to claim that there are no local issues.Keep in mind that the united states has been trying to block Iran from integrating into world trading organisations, communities & institutions all along & completely. It is much better for the United States to recognize the fact that Iran is a crucially important country in the region & has an important role to play in helping to bring stability & peace to the region. If these issues get tackled in a pragmatic way, then other unthinkable matters can follow suit in a much easier manner. Calling Iran by many names while crediting others with free passes on the same issues unfairly, is not going to do good to any one & definitely not a way forward but recognizing it as an important player in the area, might  & most possibly will be a step in the right direction to start with. Lastly,as far as people of both countries matter,  it should be kept in mind that we both are genuine & peaceful people…