Why ArkEast?

” ArkEast”  to us represents trading in a colorful  & divers world under different flags where we expect all our trading partners to pursue the following three trade practices & these are: Mutual, Just & Fair Trading.  We would like to deal with Trading  partners who can follow the 10 principals of fair trading which include{1}

1)Dealing with producer that are economically disadvantaged      2) Traders that Can be transparent & accountable

3)Partners that can have Fair Trading Practices                            4) Fair payment Practice

5)No child or forced labor                                                                6) No Discrimination as outlined in fair trading practices

7)Good working conditions                                                              8) Capacity building as outlined in fair trading principles

9)Promoting Fair Trade                                                                    10) Respect for the environment

in addition to the above we would like to add the following  principles:

Let’s be realistic here; there has been many wars through out history in the world on economic dominance…  clearly reminding us all, that too much greed can be a nasty thing for the societies. We would like to say no to the followings & would do our best along with our trading partners in achieving all these objectives. It is very important to us & that goes to our trading partners too, to agree on the following issues:

Agreeing on,

not  discriminating against any trader (who agrees on all the mentioned ideals )

Not dealings with any one, or any company that puts economic embargo on any one else for any political reasons

Not dealing of any kind of arms(no exceptions….doesn’t matter if that is our or your governments)

Not dealling any illegal drug or narcotics

No to dealing with producers whom only objective is Profiteering & Greed

& yes to

Promotion of Fair, Just & Mutual trading practices

yes to dealing with people & producers who respect the environment & the mother nature

& yes to the ones that believe in equality in trades, & in good quality products & health & wealth of their employees


{1} Link to Fair Trading Principles

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