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Investment Opportunities – Trading goods & products

Investment Opportunities

For investment opportunities please view the following links:

For finding out about the guideline in investing in Iran, please click on the following links:

You can also search on the google by just using the search word “investments in Iran” & you will find plenty of information in this regard. If you are looking or even curious in finding about how to start investments in Iran, we can definitely help you out. The following are some of the areas where nearly untapped in Iran which you can invest and make a decent profit.

Iran is destined for economic progress & prosperity

Iran’s population growth has been slowing down for the past couple of decades. A good percentage of the population will be reaching the retirement age  within the next decade or so. Per latest IMF predictions Iran will become the 15th biggest economy by the 2021. Regardless of the standings of Iran’s economy, one thing is for certain & that is Iran is determined to start an era of detrimental change in the area of economy & social prosperity.  Although Iran is hosting over 3 million refugees & immigrants from the neighbouring countries, however the country is becoming more pragmatic in giving more opportunities &  incentives to the people interested in  investing in Iran. Iran is a very stable country in the entire region & investing in Iran would definitely be very advantages for all.

Incentives by Iran to foreign Investors:

The Supreme Council of Economic Coordination of Iran has approved new policies to manage foreign currency market, which includes 5-year residence permits for foreign investors.

Best Opportunities in the Country:

Renewable Energy Sectors

Recycling Sector

Packaging Industry

Refrigeration Industry

Logistics & Transportations

Hotels & Tourism(Historical, religious,  & Eco Tourism) Industry

Water Treatment, & Sewage plants area

Building Shopping Centers & superstores/Hyperstars

Stock Market & Bonds


One Main thing to keep in the back of the mind ,  is that Iran’s economy is very much going to have to become more an independent economy & less reliant on the international chains & conglomerates & as a result the sways & swings affecting the global markets & institutions will affect this country much less in comparisons & if you see some fluctuations in the value of currencies, etc….they are mostly due to the domestic measures, shifts &  rearrangements or even those of delayed policies. One thing you can count on, is the that Iran’s economy is destined to become more self reliant & have a  more domestic focus  and orientation in the future. Iran is in the process of reforming it’s economic laws, etc….& the privatisations & speeding up  the E Commerce is being implemented in a reasonably fast pace.

Benefits & Uniqueness of Iran’s Economy(reference:

Benefits and features of the Iranian economy
• The eighteenth largest economy in the world
• Positive economic growth despite the global financial crisis
• Young and educated population
• Rich in terms of natural resources
• Strong and extensive economic infrastructure

Advantages for natural and mineral reserves
• Variety in economic and mineral fields in terms of hydrocarbon reserves
• The fourth largest oil producer in the world
• The second largest gas reserves in the world
• Ranked tenth in the tourism industry and fifth in ecotourism
• The largest and most developed industries in the field Middle East and North Africa
• World’s Fourth to Tenth Worlds in Zinc and Water Production
• Ranked the highest in Aluminum, Manganese and Copper Reserves in the World
• World Ranked 4th in Worldwide Crop Production

Economic reforms under the fifth program
– $ 20 billion in private and foreign investment in the oil and gas industry
– Reducing unemployment to 7% from the current 13% by creating one million new jobs in the country each year
– Improving the health system of the country
– Developing International relations
– doubling the volume of GDP of the country

Extensive privatization
– 80% of the state’s assets should be transferred to the private sector
– 40% of this transfer is accepted through equity shares
– 40% of the above privatization will be made on the Tehran Stock Exchange channel
– The government continues to own 20 The percentage of assets will be
– the total volume of assets and government of the state is $ 120 billion
– of which $ 63 billion has been privatized over the past five years
– with completion of the process of privatization of the government’s share of GDP from 80% Will drop to 40%

Advantages of Investment Law 

Guaranteed and supportive coverage:
• Guaranteeing compensation in case of nationalization and expropriation (Article 9 of the Law);
• Guaranteeing compensation for losses caused by a ban or suspending the implementation of financial agreements in foreign investments in the form of contractual arrangements by law; and Or government decisions (Article 17 of the Act and Article 26 of the Regulation)
• Guaranteeing the purchase of goods and services of the foreign investment plan in cases where the government apparatus is the sole buyer or the supplier of the goods and services produced at a computer price. (Article 11 of the Rules)

 Rights and facilities:
Foreign investment enjoying the same rights, support and facilities with domestic investment (Article 8 of the Law)
Freely transferring capital and the benefits of investing in the country in exchange or commodities (Articles 18- 13)
• The possibility of foreign investment in 100% of investment projects (Article 4 of the Regulations)
• Acceptance of foreign investment in all fields of production, industry and agriculture, transportation of communications, services and provision of water and electricity And gas and energy
• The possibility of referral of investment disputes to international authorities (Article 19 of the Law)
Possibility to own land in the name of the company (registered in Iran) in joint ventures (Article 34 of the Code)
• Providing five year residency visa facilities for foreign investors, managers, experts and their first-degree relatives and the possibility of its extension (Article 20 of the Law and 35 Regulations); 
• Deciding on applications of foreign investors for a maximum of 45 Day, (Article 6 of the law). 
• Choosing the investment method for the project in the form of FDI or contractual arrangements, including BOT, BAYBACK and CIVIL PARTNERSHIP, (Article 3 of the Law); 
• Accepting investment by Iranian real and legal persons with capital Foreign sources are invested in the country, and the granting of facilities and protections to the law encourages and protects foreign investors. (Article 1 of the Law)

Identifying foreign investment opportunities in Iran
• Providing facilities through the Investment Opportunities site at Including:
– Access to investment opportunities in various areas of the economy with the possibility of advanced search on the site
– Access to the translation of the law and capital letter Foreign language in foreign languages
– providing foreign investment and foreign investment projects implemented by foreign investors in the country
– electronic receipt of foreign investment requests for investment opportunities provided on the site.

• Complete the Summary Sheet form through the New Project section of the Investment Opportunities website at to gather information on investment opportunities in the country.
• Explore opportunity information and insert the database and introduce opportunities to potential foreign investors through the site.
• Participate in International seminars with project owners
• Possibility of meeting in person with potential investors and potential investors

The overall investment climate in Iran
The Trustee
 : The Organization for Investment and Technical Assistance of Iran
The Legal Framework : The Law on the Encouragement and Protection of Foreign Investments and its related memorandum

The Foreign Investment Services Center
provides information and advice to foreign investors through:
– Conducting meetings and meetings with applicants
– Sending emails
– Calling

For more on Iran’s human development rankings Please click on the following links:

Even though Iran’s latest Human Development Growth Ranking in the world is sitting at the 31, however Iran by the latest international statistics has had the fastest Human Development Growth rate since the last 2 decades on.